Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day Buffet

Patrick treated us to buffet lunch last Saturday.
I don't think we were planning to go buffet, somehow our legs (or was it our stomachs) dragged us to the doors of Saisaki and before we knew it we were diving into "eat all you can" sushi.
Arnel and Jeff, there's always next time :-)
I hope Deds can upload the photos somewhere :-)

Sunday is Mother's day and the family was planning to have a nice quiet "a la carte" meal at the Serendra. We set our sites on Conti's. We were there early, it was only 11 am but the place was filled and we were number 15 on a waiting list.

That's how we found ourselves at the door step of the Brazilian BBQ. Yes it's buffet again but it's "eat all you can" BBQ this time. All kinds of BBQ from leg of lamb, chicken and pork to believe it or not BBQ'd banana and pineapple.

Our first time in a brazilian barbecue and it was a novel experience.
  • There was a typical buffet table with pasta, rice, appetizers and desserts.
  • Barbecue is served in metal skewers right off the grill and sliced at your table.
  • You use a yoyo to tell the servers if your table would like to be served barbecue. The green side tells them to keep it coming while the red side tells them you don't want any more.