Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ext JS 3.2 beta released to the public

ExtJS 3.2 beta is out. In addition to over 180 bug fixes, this new release includes

1) Multi sorting and filtering on Data Stores

Multiple filtering has been possible for quite some time thanks to the GridFilter Plugin but multiple sorting is new. The demo shows the use of a Toolbar Droppable plugin too. Nice !

2) Animated DataView transitions

Think better looking product catalogs ;-)

3) Composite Fields

I've always wondered how to get the datefield and the timefield components in one line.

4) Slider and Slider Field

Multiple handles in one slide bar and the ability to use it as an alternative input field to say a numberfield.

5) Toolbar plugins

We saw the droppable toolbar plugin in the sorting demo. Seems you can reorder toolbar items now as well.

6) New Theme

A new theme has been created that makes your app compliant with the Section 508 of the Disabilities Act.

7) Unit Tests and lots of it.

Almost 300 test cases. Wow !

Grab the beta from

Friday, January 08, 2010

Google Chrome Update

Google must have mind readers in the Google Chrome Team because the latest update I got now supports Flash and Synchronization at least on my OpenSuse 11.1 desktop.

On top of that, my desktop seems to work much faster when using Chrome than with Firefox.

I'm very close to making Google Chrome my default web browser.