Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Everyone who's anyone in the web development world has probably heard of dojo but I think many have yet to find out about ExtJS (the javascript toolkit formerly known as YUI-ext).

In fairness to dojo, I think ExtJS is bordering along the lines of bloatedness but like dojo you get to mix n match and use only the libraries from the toolkit you need.

So what do I like about ExtJS so far;
  • Choice. It started out as a project that extends YUI but it has now expanded to include jQuery and prototype.
  • Widgets. The draggable treepanel and grid widgets are killer.
  • Clean Object Oriented Code. Code can be easily extended or even overwritten if necessary. The uncompresed code is clean.
  • Documentation. While incomplete the documentation and examples provided are clear.
  • Themeing. I love being able to change the theme for all widgets .