Friday, September 21, 2007

Compiz on a Thinkpad T61

It's always a chore installing linux on a new computer but it has never been this gratifying.
I recently had the chance to install OpenSUSE 10.2 on a brand new Thinkpad T61. I'll write a review on my next post about my experiences, but for now allow me to indulge you with a few pics of the latest Compiz-Fusion in action on this sweet machine.

Now we can sync with Google Calendar

Hot off the Ajaxian presses, Google now allows you to write back using the GData API. In the past, all developers have been able to do is to consume data from services like Google Calendar, however, with this development, it won't be long before we see web apps or even desktop apps that sync with Google Calendar.

Making Sense of the NBN Project

I think having close to all the cabinet secretaries and resource persons who had a hand or are directly or indirectly related to the NBN Broadband project in that room was decisive and well played in the part of the Executive.

It sends a strong message to the Filipino people, at least it did to me, that the government is executing this project in good faith, that it is above board, that they have nothing to hide and that it is in the interest of the nation.

Whether or not you or I believe it is a totally different matter, of course :-)

However, sticking to the TECH side of things, Yuga enumerates exactly what that contract will get us if it ever pushes thru.