Sunday, May 13, 2007

driving automatic

I drive a 7 year old Honda Civic. I love it because it was one of the very few cars in its time that was not only fuel efficient but also powerful and fast.

Honda owners I've talked to would rave about how long their next full tank was and how the fuel meter stays at F for the longest time.

It's the type of car that you love to drive .... when there's no one else on the road.

It's a "stick" shift. It has manual transmission and a clutch. While it's a joy to drive in the wide open roads of Fort Bonifacio, you'll balk at how your feet are killing you when you're stuck at rush hour in Edsa.

I recently had a chance to drive an automatic. My first automatic at that. It's not going to win any races but it's definitely fuel efficient, seats eight people and comes in electronic blue.

It turned heads the first few times. It's probably because people are shocked to see 8 people coming out of such a compact vehicle. No, I'm sure it wasn't the paint job :-)

I still love my Honda but if I ever was going to be stuck in traffic for 2 or more hours or maneuver a tight parking space then I would thank my lucky stars that I'm driving an automatic.