Sunday, May 27, 2007

Eat all you can - Ala Carte

When someone says "eat all you can", the image that you conjure in your mind is of a table or tables lined with all sorts of food from appetizers to desserts and queues of people lining up with empty plates waiting to be filled.

A growing trend that I've observed here in Metro Manila, at least, is to offer "eat all you can" a la carte.

What is it and how is it different from traditional "eat all you can" ?

Instead of lining up to get food, you stay seated and order the food from a set menu. The waiter takes your order and promptly serves it after a few minutes. You can order as many of each food item as you like.

Is it better than traditional "eat all you can" ?

In my opinion, yes !!! It's better because ....
  • You don't need to stand up every now and then to get food from the buffet table.
  • You don't feel the pressure to get the best part of the roast duck or worry that you'll run out of shrimp tempura.
  • The waiter does all the work.
  • Insert other thoughts why it's better here .....
Where ?

I have had the pleasure of dining in two such restaurants and they happen to be both Japanese. The first is at Zensho (click the link to read a review) over at Tomas Morato, Quezon City and the other one at the redkimono at the Fort Strip, Taguig.

Too bad I misplaced the pics from Zensho I really like the dining experience as it was also teppanyaki, the cook put on a good show and the food was good too :-)

The redkimono's specialty is kamameshi rice. It's a rice dish with toppings served in a wooden platform. I would recommend the Ebi (shrimp) kamameshi. The shrimp according to my brother was firm. The crunchy california maki is unique and the sukiyaki was fragrant.

outside the redkimono

redkimono menu

Tofu Steak

kamameshi rice