Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the Star Trek reboot

Firstly, I think it shouldn't be called a prequal. It's probably fashionable to make prequals after the "Star Wars" movies but this is by no means a prequal.

I would rather call it a retelling of sorts.

What if James Kirk grew up without a father ?
What if Spock is more emotional than logical ?

Star Trek : The Next Generation (TNG) was the series that turned me into a "trekkie". Prior to watching that series, I had no idea who Captain Kirk was, let alone Spock. Truth be told, I fell in love with the Star Trek of Capt. Jean Luc Picard in the 24th century because of the tech. I was fascinated by the comm badge, the hypospray, VISORS, dilithium crystal powered cores, holodecks, warp drive engines, force fields and the LCARS console.

Apparently, though, I'm not hard core enough a "trekkie" because I've been trying to get myself to watch reruns of The Original Star Trek series (TOS) but have failed miserably to finish a single episode.

I did not like the original TV series but I definitely liked watching this Star Trek movie. Yup, I liked it, in spite of the flaws in the story telling and the scientific inconsistencies.

Oddly, I liked it not for the same reasons that I liked watching TNG (the tech) , Heroes (super powers) or Fringe (mystery behind William Bell), nope I liked it because ...
  • James Kirk seems more complex and driven. He is motivated to live up to his parallel self in the other timeline.
  • Spock is not stubbornly logical and is giving in to his human side.
  • Bones' colorful rhetoric, specially when he's upset.
  • Chekov, Scotty and Sulu for the comic relief
This was my first time watching a movie on IMAX, btw. I can't say I liked it very much. I thought the screen was too close and too big for me to see all the action.