Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I DON'T want free laptops from Sony Ericsson

I got 3 forwarded e-mails urging me to forward the e-mail to 8 people for me to get a free Sony Ericsson laptop. As a bonus, if I send it to 20 people, I get a higher spec'd Sony Ericsson laptop.

I hate to break it to you folks but Sony Ericsson makes cellphones. Both the T18 and R320 are retired cellphone models from Sony Ericcson.

A quick google search got me to the following links, all of which says that this is a big hoax !!!
So please stop forwarding these e-mails because no one is getting a free laptop from this. It's not clear what the intent of the perpetrators are but one thing is for sure, you're exposing yourself and your contacts to people you do not know. Internet marketers are the least of your worries, there are spammers, hackers and worst of all identity thieves to contend with, so please think before you click "forward".