Monday, April 13, 2009

Google Talk Group Chat on Pidgin

I'm not sure if it's just me but every time I am invited to a group chat on Gtalk I am given a link to log in to the gtalk web interface.

This has been somewhat annoying that Pidgin doesn't support group chats from Gtalk.

Apparently, I've been annoyed for nothing because Pidgin already supports group chats on gtalk.
I'm just not sure why pidgin doesn't automatically recognize that it's a group chat and just bring me into the conference like it does on Yahoo, MSN or the other IM services it supports.

When someone invites you to join a group chat, you get a message with some text that looks like and a link that launches your browser that leads you to a page that launches gtalk gadget. Note that "xxxxx" represents some random string that is most likely used to identify the group chat room.

So here's how to join a Gtalk group chat from Pidgin using the above information :

1. Click Buddies from the menu
2. Then click Join Chat
3. In the account drop down, make sure you use a Gtalk account.
4. For the Room textfield, paste private-chat-xxxxxxx
5. For the Server textfield, paste
6. Click JOIN