Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm not cool enough to be a Mac person

Mike Abundo dissects Microsoft's new ad. I felt it is genuine and real. While price is not everything, I believe that one is more likely to find value for money with so many PC's (choices) on the market.

Just last week, a friend was shopping around at the SM Cyberzone, looking for a laptop. He was totally drooling over a macbook pro but accepts that he can't afford the Mac with the specs he needs. Lo and behold he found and bought a laptop for just P28,000 ($600). That laptop was a centrino core 2 duo with 2 GB of RAM and 160GB of HDD. When he told me, I couldn't believe it either. Note, though, that the price does not include the OS. He needed to shell out an extra P5,000 for Vista, he decided to save the P5,0000 and installed Ubuntu on it instead. ;-)

DISCLAIMER : I'm a PC ... a Linux PC :-)