Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jing for screencasts

So if a picture (of your desktop) is worth a thousand words, what's a screencast worth ?

I'll tell you what it's worth ... to a web developer struggling to communicate with a quality assurance engineer, it's ten or so e-mails, a hundred lines of instant messages and a couple of VOIP sessions.

Enter the Jing Project.

Jing is a free desktop application that allows you to create a screen shot or video of your desktop or a portion of your desktop. Dave was the one who recommended it a couple of years back and it's really been helpful as a tool to communicate with QA and even with clients.

So what do I like about Jing ....
  • It's relatively easy and straightforward to use. No complex settings and options.
  • You can capture your entire desktop or just a portion of your desktop
  • The option to easily upload to or to an FTP server
  • Captures sound as well so you can narrate and talk while creating your screencast
My only qualm about Jing is that there is no Linux version but I believe it's in the pipeline. Download Jing from