Monday, March 10, 2008

3 days without DSL and living on Wifi

It's been a while since I have gone without DSL. Last friday, PLDT, my service provider, decided that I needed to go without it for a while. Needless to say it took a while (3 days to be exact) before it was sorted out. Thank God it was a weekend.

For the first time, I was actually thankful that I was paying the extra P99 per month for Airborne Access Wifi.

The problem then was to find a place with a good enough signal at decent speeds. Funny that Airborne claims that they have "the widest coverage, connecting you through the most wi fi location nationwide" because many of the Airborne Access hotspots I went to in the past few months were either offline, excruciatingly slow or just plain difficult to connect to.

So I'm either incredibly unlucky at finding hotspots or they're not very good at keeping their hotspots online and working.

There is, however, one consistently good hot spot in my experience. The Starbucks at Petron Macapagal Avenue always seems to have a good signal at decent speeds.

I felt quite at home because many of the laptop wielding crowd had Thinkpads. They came in all shapes and sizes from the very portable X series to the huge and heavy iSeries, you name it someone has it.

Anyway, the internet has become quite accessible now thanks to wifi. I can remember a year or two ago when internet cafe's were the only place to get internet access. Today, you have wifi hotspots even at the mall. Some, like the Robinson's Malls even offer it for free, mallwide.

Well, my DSL is back and I have to start cutting back on the caffeine now. :-)