Wednesday, November 21, 2007

VMware Server 2.0 Beta : Tempted ? Don't !!!

If you're tempted to give VMware 2.0 BETA for a spin, take my advice and wait.
Here are 2 compelling reasons why NOT ....
  • The VMware server console desktop application is gone. The only 2 ways to access your virtual machine is (a) thru the web browser by installing a plugin to view and control the console and (b) remote desktop access (e.g. vnc or rdp)
  • It installs tomcat and friends. It's possible that memory management on virtual machines may have improved on 2.0 but whatever memory you save will no doubt be consumed by the web server that serves up the web interface.
I for one am extremely disappointed that the server console is gone. It seems I am not alone. VMware server 2.0 would be great if I have a dedicated server to run all my virtual machines, problem is I and many others don't and VMware is forgetting about us by not including a desktop client like VMware server 1.0 has.

Are we doomed to VMware player instead ? Or maybe it's time to try VirtualBox :-)