Sunday, July 22, 2007

Globe says subscribers "abusing" their network ....

It's rather upsetting to hear Globe say that their subscribers are "abusing" their network.

Are they in effect saying that people should only subscribe to their internet service to do important stuff like work and not for something trivial as downloading torrents ?

How can it be abusive for subscribers to maximize the usage of a service that they are paying for ?

Don't get me wrong, I believe the reason for the cap is valid, we're talking about the survival of their service and their company after all.

Furthermore, if it will improve the quality of service, why not. As one commenter on Yuga's blog posted :

"The 5 GB cap would be fine with me, if they could deliver the service with decent speeds".

However, to say that the reason for the action is that their subscribers are "abusing" their network is like adding insult to injury, in particular, to the subscribers who are paying for the service but are not really getting the advertised speeds.

If I were Globe, I would just be honest and admit that their network isn't up to that kind of load at the present time. Don't blame your subscribers for maximizing their usage of your service !

PS : I'm not a Globe visibility subscriber :-)