Saturday, February 10, 2007

Broken nForce Chipset Cooler, Saving my PC from Overheating

I've known for quite a while that the nforce chipset fan (sometimes mistaken for the northbridge) on the motherboard of my PC has been defective. In anticipation I was able to buy a replacement cooler, a Thermalright HR05-SLI. Since, installing this cooler will cause me to completely remove the motherboard from the case, a time consuming endeavor which I do not wish to do often, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and upgrade the noisy stock cpu cooler as well.

I was eying the Thermaltake Sonic Tower but decided to go with the Scythe Ininity after Roel mentioned he was getting one for his new rig and reading some excellent reviews about it. I like tower coolers in general because they give you the option to cool the CPU passively just by removing or not installing a fan.

Anyway, today, I didn't notice that the chipset fan on the motherboard totally stopped spinning until my PC started becoming slightly unstable. I had no choice but to replace the parts now.

Well, I just completed the replacements. Pics below. I definitely noticed it's quieter and temps seem stable at around 46C.

Update : After some time to settle in, it seems my idle temps is about an average of 40C. No time yet to test temps on full load.