Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Guy Reviews the Honda Fit (it's the Jazz to us here in the Philippines)

I just love gadgets. Who doesn't ? When you talk of gadgets, what usually comes to mind is a nifty watch, cellphone or PDA but seldom a car. Imagine my surprise that Guy's first gadget is the Honda Jazz :-)

In the Philippines, the Honda Fit is known as the Honda Jazz. Don't ask me about the name change. My guess is as good as any, but I have a feeling it has more to do with marketing than anything else.

What Guy failed to highlight in the review, and I think this is really important given the rising prices of gasoline, is the fuel efficiency and mileage.

A big oil firm, Petron, in the Philippines ran a promotion touting their unleaded gasoline as the most economical giving the customer more miles in one full tank than any other fuel. Their car of choice was the Honda Jazz. I'll let you guys in on an insider secret .... it's not the fuel.... it's the car !!!

Anybody who owns a Honda will swear by it's fuel efficiency. I drive a year 2000 1.6 Liter Honda Civic and I consistently get somewhere between 10 to 12 kilometers per litre.

Honda really makes great cars.