Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Experience Upgrading an Old Site with SVK

Ok, I spent the better half of the day with SVK and a custom OpenACS site stuck in OpenACS version 5.0. My task for today and for the week, hopefully not the entire week, is to upgrade the site to 5.2.2.

I have yet to determine whether this works. I'll know when I finally upgrade the database but things look pretty good.

Here's how I went about it with SVK:

  1. I downloaded a copy of cvsroot to my dev machine. This is a precaution, I don't want to mess with the main repository.

  2. Use svk to create a mirror of the cvs repository you just downloaded

  3. You should end up with an svk repository of everything from cvs

  4. Detach the mirror

  5. Identify the vendor branch

  6. Get a CVS export from OpenACS 5.2.2 stable

  7. Import the cvs export to the vendor branch

  8. Perform an smerge between the vendor branch and the project branch